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Stay connected and tuned in with our wide range of cabling services at Greg Ferris Electrical in Mackay. From installing new television antennas to setting up computer and phone lines and data points, our electricians will ensure all your networks are working without interruption.

If you are experiencing issues with your current antenna or telecommunications cabling, read some of our troubleshooting issues below to see if it is a simple fix. Still not working? Call us today and we'll come out to fix it for you.
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TV Antennas


When you come home from a long day, sitting down and catching up on your favourite shows is sometimes the best way to wind down. But what do you do if there is no reception? There may be a few reasons as to why your TV is not picking up a signal, such as:
  • Antenna cable deterioration: Over time, the inside or outside of the cable can start to wear away, leaving it open and vulnerable to water or other contaminants. If your signal is noticeably worse during rainy weather, it is possible that water has started to degrade the cable.
  • Antenna outlet issues: If you are having to move TVs around constantly (e.g. a school or office), the connector inside the antenna outlet may become loose or damaged. If the connector is fine but you still have poor signal, there may also be an issue with the cable that runs from the outlet to the external antenna.
  • Broken fly leads: This is often used to connect your TV to the antenna and can get bumped or become bent and broken. Try another fly lead to see if this resolves your reception issues.
  • Wrong type of antenna: While most homes have now switched over from analogue to digital broadcasting, there are still older antennas that need to be replaced as they are unable to receive the digital signal.
  • Antenna is facing the wrong direction: This can have a massive effect on your signal if it is facing away from the broadcasting towers or there are obstacles impairing the reception.

Data Cabling & Telecommunications


No matter if you work from home or the office, it can be a big inconvenience if your phone and computer networks are not working. If everything with your telecommunications provider appears to be operating correctly, there may be issues with the hardware or cabling itself. For phone networks, the most common problems that occurs are line noise or unable to dial out. Some culprits causing this issue may be:
  • Faulty wiring or long cables
  • Weather: Precipitation may leak into the phone lines or lightning can damage the connection.
  • Electrical interference: This can come from power lines, radio or TV transmitters, transformers or any other electrical device
  • Other phone devices: Devices such as fax or answering machines, other phones or line splitters may add more disruption on to the phone line.
  • DSL services: Sometimes the high frequency signals coming from DSL devices which share the same phone can create problems.
You may be able to rule some of these things out by connecting a different phone, checking that all cords are connected properly or trying a different phone socket.

There are also many computer network problems that may have some quick fixes to help resolve the issue. Something we deal with regularly is when the internet connection drops. Most times this can be a problem with the router or configuration problems. However, for wired set ups the source of the problem may be a faulty cable. If you have found a broken wire or data point, call our team to get it fixed.