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No matter how small your electrical job is, it's best left for an electrical contractor to complete. Our team at Greg Ferris Electrical has the licences and experience to complete a wide range of services for residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Throughout Mackay and the surrounds, we provide installation and maintenance for wiring, appliances, smoke alarms, lighting, power points, switchboards, generators and high voltage equipment. If you operate a facility with classified areas, our electricians are qualified to work on electrical equipment and ensure it meets safety regulations.

For more information on electrical safety at home and in the workplace, check out answers to our most frequently asked questions here. For electrical maintenance and installations, contact us today.
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Common Electrical Problems


As electricity powers almost everything in the modern world, it can be a great inconvenience when it doesn't work correctly. Some of the common electrical problems that we deal with include:
  1. Electrical surges: This can be caused by poor electrical wiring and defective appliances. In most cases, this will only last for a little less than a second but can be experienced more frequently if the issue is not resolved.
  2. Faulty light switches: Dimmer switches may not adjust properly and there could be mysterious switches that don't appear to connect to anything.
  3. Overloaded circuit: This can happen regularly in older homes as they aren't able to cope with the amount of electricity that some appliances use.
  4. Tripping circuit breakers: Circuit breakers are designed to trip to protect your property from electrical fires. Avoid using multiple high voltage appliances at the same time or use them on lower settings.
  5. Electrical shocks: These can be caused by faults in the wiring of an appliance or with the appliance itself.
  6. Lights too dim or bright: This can happen due to the type of light bulbs being used.
  7. Light bulbs burning out quickly: Some of the common causes can be from poor circuit wiring, high wattages, insulation too close to the bulb or the dimmer switch is overloaded.
If any of these problems occur regularly in your property, call us immediately. Left alone, some of these issues could lead to serious electrical emergencies such as electrocution or fires.