Solar panels and installations for renewable energy in Mackay


If your electrical bill is getting out of control or you're wanting to reduce your carbon footprint, speak to our electrical contractors in Mackay about making the switch to solar. At Greg Ferris Electrical, we have obtained a Clean Energy Council (CEC) accreditation to design and install grid connected solar PV systems. Factoring in the size of your property, current energy usage and budget, we'll help you select the right PV system to suit and design it for you.

To learn more about how a grid connected solar PV system will work for your household, read the information we've provided below. For a free quote on installation, give us a call today.
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Grid Connected Solar PV Systems


One of the most common solar systems installed in Australia are grid connected solar PV systems. They are designed to generate clean electricity by converting sunlight into a renewable energy source.

Before you decide to install a solar PV system, you will need to get in touch with your electricity provider as some may not offer policies for solar power. If your one does, you can ask them about what feed-in tariffs are available and if your new solar system will impact your current tariffs.

A feed-in tariff determines the rate you are paid for the electricity generated by your solar PV system which has been transferred back to the grid. In most homes, electricity will be sourced from the solar PV panels first before tapping into the electricity supplied from the grid. If there is any excess electricity not used, it can be exported back into the electricity network.

Because solar systems generate direct current electricity, it needs to be transformed, using the PV system's inverter, into an alternating current so it is compatible with existing electricity grid. This allows the grid connected solar PV system to power your household normally without interruptions and export leftover electricity back to the grid with no issues.

As a CEC accredited designer and installer, we can calculate the amount you could potentially save in electricity costs as well as the feed-in tariff amount. When we are designing your solar system, we will take into account:
  • The angle of the panels to get the most power from the sun & ensure self-cleaning when it is raining
  • The slope & pitch of your roof
  • The amount of shade caused by trees, roof ventilation or antennas
These factors will help us design your solar panels and ensure you get the most of out of your new solar PV system.