Split system air conditioner installation in Mackay


If you're tired of suffering through the summer heat, have our team at Greg Ferris Electrical come in and install a split system air conditioner. As we are accredited with a refrigerant handling licence from the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARCtick), we can install units throughout your home to suit your cooling requirements.

Read on to find out the benefits of having a split system air conditioner in your home. For a free quote on installation, call our electricians today.
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Split System Air Conditioning Benefits


One of the most popular types of air conditioner, split systems are designed to cool a single room or area of the home. Like the name suggests, a split system air conditioner has two main parts, a condenser and an evaporator. The evaporator is installed on the wall inside of the home and emits cool air (warm if you have a reverse system). The condenser expels any air that you don't want outside.

Compared to ducted units that cool an entire home, split system air conditioners are significantly cheaper to install and run as it is only cooling a specific part of the house. Also, unlike ducted units, they are flexible systems and it's easy to install multiple air conditioners in other parts of your home.

These days many split systems also come with a range of features to help increase efficiency. These include:
  • Power savers that switch the unit to a lower energy setting when the room is empty
  • Control from a mobile application so you can start cooling your home before you return
  • Air purifiers to remove airborne dust particles
  • Night mode to ensure the air is kept at a comfortable temperature setting while you sleep
  • Self-cleaning settings to help keep filters clear in between regular maintenance
  • Automatic timers can be set so the system can be turned on & off at certain times to suit your preferences
Speak to our about how you could benefit from a newly installed split system air conditioner today.